Saturday, December 24, 2011

You and I

You shower me with praises everyday
You try to make me happy in every way

You love it when I say I'm thinking of you
You smile to yourself when I toss a question at you

You wonder what to do when we go on a date
Your eyes well up when I drop you off at the gate

I look forward to spending time with you
I enjoy the process of getting to know you

You analyze my expressions at every chance
You love it when I give you that sideways glance

You follow my every move with your eyes
You want me to be naughty and not just nice

You often make me want to hold you tight in my arms
Your touch lingers on in my mind and so do your charms

I love having you on my mind all day
I love the way you love me in every way

Monday, September 12, 2011

Love is a four-legged word


Your sister was our first choice
The one we planned to make ours
But then we came across your mate
So we eyed that brother of yours

He happened to be taken away
By the family of your father
And you were the lone little boy
Among your sisters and your mother

We brought you home one day
As a companion to your mate
But not once did we imagine
That it was all a part of fate

It was as if you were born to us
So uncanny was the resemblance
That we share such a connection
Can't be just a coincidence

You're smart, sensitive, strong
Also adorable and quirky
To call you our own, dear Mojo
We've been really lucky!

You never discriminate between us
The mush-pot and the nerd
And everyday you remind us
That love is a four-legged word


It was difficult to find you
Your house was somewhat hidden
But when I laid my eyes on you
Boy, was I smitten!

Your velvety ears I first noticed
Your spunk I couldn't resist
For a few moments there
The world ceased to exist

When I held you in my arms
My heart just went "awww!"
Had heard of love at first sight
Well, I've experienced it now

You seem to be a part of us
And we find comfort in you
You brighten our lives every day
You cheer us when we're blue

You're cute, energetic, intuitive
Also, sensible and cocky
To call you our own, dear Phoebe
We've been really lucky!

You always tell us how you feel
And you make sure you're heard
And everyday you remind us
That love is a four-legged word


Together, Mojo and Phoebe
You make our lives joyful
The world seems more bearable
And for that we're very grateful

Monday, Sep 12, 2011 @ 3:25 am

Sunday, December 12, 2010

If only

If only I could understand solitude
Instead of feeling lonely

If only I could read those romances
Without wanting them so badly

If only I didn't ask Why
When one of them ended

If only you hadn't responded
Attempting to explain

If only we didn't seek in each other
Those romances we read

If only I would listen
To the nagging in my head

If only I didn't fall so easily
For all the things you said

If only I had put it all together
Up there in my head

If only I didn't hand out my heart
As easily as in the past

If only I could realize sooner
The lies and the deceit

If only I could believe I was
Being taken for a ride

If only you were the truth
Not the fallacy I faced

If only those dreams remained
Intact as they were

If only the innocence were not
Betrayed over and over

If only you remained the friend
I thought you were

If only I can rekindle the hope
You doused when you left

If only I can learn to trust
All over again

If only I could uncork that
Which now lies sealed

If only I could ever feel
My wounds being healed

If only I could give again
As I gave to you

Pure, unquestioning, pristine, and true

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A piceless possession

I envy your friends
They get to be with you

Amongst them I pity those
That remain ignorant of your value

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Missing a friend

Been a while since I spoke to a friend
Whose words mean a lot to me
Been a while since I felt loved

Life is rushing about
And I'm barely keeping pace
So once in a while
When I get to pause
And ponder by myself
I notice the void
I'm surrounded by
And the one within

It's a crushing feeling
When I realize
I'm headed nowhere
And I see the futility of it all

I wonder how I can change things
I even make a plan
I get down to work at it one day
And it makes me feel real good

Then I meet an obstacle
And some more of its kind
I stumble and falter
Till one day
I shatter myself again

At such times
I need a friend
Who'll lend me a hand
To pull it all together
And start over again

[Wrote this a couple of months ago, I guess. Was surprised to find it in my dance-class-noteboook. Put it down here before I lose it again.]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prayers - I

I send a little prayer tonight
To the Is out there
That allowed me a peaceful day

Although it wasn't one
Without any hurdles
But it felt nice

The peaceful feeling
That sweeps over my soul
As I retire for the night

I'm grateful for
The absence of strife
That made my day

And though I'm tempted
To pray for more such days
I'd resist the temptation

For there's a lot more
That I have to experience
Other than just peace

A whole range of feelings
That make up the life
I'm obligated to live

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Talking to myself

A silent moon hangs in the overcast sky
Clouds flitting past
Attempting, in vain, to hide it
The crest isn't reclining today
Flat on its back, it appears to be resting
As if asking me to relax
Me? I'm trying to stay in control
And not panic
Even though it's time I did
But if I give up now
Then who's to breathe
Who's to drag me safely to the shore

It isn't my first time in the rapids
I've been here often before
But I keep returning
Because I haven't learned
And now it also seems a little fun
To be in danger and rescue myself
Moments before being swept away

So I simply stay in the moonlight
And relish its faint golden glow
(Today it isn't silvery, you know)
Ignoring its heavenly messages
Until it's time for me to go